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Cipex (Circulatory Performance Enhancer)

Cipex (Circulatory Performance Enhancer)

Cipex  (Circulatory Performance Enhancer)

A unique blend of natural herbs that may help improve circulation to tissues, speed repair and possibly halt tissue damage.

Recommended Amount: 2 oz per day based on 1000 lb horse. (1 oz. scoop provided)

Available: 3 lb, 5 lb, and 10 lb.

Active Ingredients: Hawthorne, Buckwheat, Nettle, Willow, Meadowsweet, Rosehip, Echinacea Inactive Ingredients: Peppermint

Our price: $45.00

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Geri Ostlund | JLG EquineService | Alvarado Tx 76009
    Here is a Aug 10th picture – 30 days after treatment and a Sept 10th picture 60 days after treatment. He has been on Kidney Flush 3 days once a month – Cipex – Herbal Bute – Hoof Coat & Skin and the Wound Ointment for the two spots on the hips. Your products are so awesome – Trying to get the word out there.

  • Author: Sheila M. | Columbia, TX
    I can’t thank you enough for the great products. My horse, Rebel, has navicular. I put him on Cipex and Herbal Bute and in less than a month my horse is doing great. I have already hauled him for exhibition on barrels. My horse is turning the barrels like he has never had any problem. I plan to put him in competition on 06/29/07. This horse is awesome! I haven’t been able to do anything with him for six years. Thanks Equine Science and Cipex.
  • Author: Ann | Monticello, FL
    I cannot thank you enough for recommending Cipex for my 20 year old gelding. He foundered about 5 years ago. I have battled with abscesses in his front feet off and on for 5 years. He could barely walk and was in a lot of pain. My Ferrier tried special shoes but they did not help. He comes and trims his feet every 4 weeks and treats his abscesses when they come about. We have treated with antibiotic injections and several bottles of SMZ for 2-3 week periods with bute to keep him comfortable. I found him lying down 90% of the time for a month and decided it was time to put him down. I prayed to the Lord that if there was any product out there to help him to give me a sign. I was on the internet and decided to try one last time to find something and it came to me to look under herbs for horses. I cannot thank you enough for giving us a second chance with him. I have been using Cipex for 2 months and Jazz is now up walking around and I never see him lying down. I wake up in the morning and look out the window and he is waiting for his Cipex. The veterinarians did not give me much hope for him but Cipex has given this 20 year old gelding a new lease on life. I tried to catch him one day last week and he ran from me. I was so excited to see him run once again. I have had this horse for 18 years and he has saved my life more than once, now I feel it is my turn to try and save his. I will continue Cipex the rest of his life and I thank God for putting these natural herbs on earth and for the people He gave the knowledge to make these products.
  • Author: Jerry Frost | Tully, NY
    I have a 10 yr old quarter horse gelding that has navicular to the extent that he held his right front pastern like it was a club foot and he couldn’t walk on small stones without limping. He also moved like an old plow horse because of his discomfort. Well, after three short weeks on Cipex when he walks or runs he steps flat footed as normal and the pastern looks normal as any horse. He walks on stones with no signs of any discomfort at all, in fact I rode on pavement and gravel trails today for approx 6 miles and he moves with head up and his old high spirited self. This Cipex in my opinion has saved a very valuable horse and is an amazing miracle product. I will keep him on it for as long as he lives along with Herbal Bute. Thank God for Cipex.
  • Author: Shelly Roxbury | Wymore, Nebraska
    My horse could not even stand on his front leg – navicular. After proper shoeing (he is still very gimpy) and giving him Cipex for a week he could walk without a noticeable limp! I was so impressed with the product that I ordered the Kelp (for proper vitamins and minerals) and the Herbal Bute to have on hand. Thanks for these products!
  • Author: Judy Moore | Wartrace, TN
    I have become a strong supporter of “Herbs4Horses” because: During tick season, it was nothing for me to spend 1 to 1-1/2 hours every night pulling ticks off four horses. I put my horses on the “Herbs4Horses” GARLIC from March thru late October. The Garlic was 99%

    effective in reducing ticks and also keeping certain types of flies off them. I have an older horse that developed his first ulcer in late summer, 2004. “Herbs4Horses” recommended their all-natural ulcer preventative. Once my veterinary prescribed meds were finished, I started the horse on ULCER HERBAL BLEND. I now have an almost too fat Arab, that often now “leads the charge” around the pasture. His ears are always up, his eyes bright and alert. He will stay on the “Ulcer Herbal Blend” as a preventative. He also gets plenty of high quality grass hay and very little grain. I inherited an old Collie with broken hip and pelvic bones that could barely move. I have a second senior horse with creaking sounds in his shoulders and some arthritis in his hocks. I have a 3 yr old with bad injuries in his hip area that he received from falling in the muddy pasture when he was 20 months. All three are on CIPEX. Even my husband can’t believe how playful the Collie is and how she will now run a little bit. The senior horse doesn’t creak anymore, so from all this I assume CIPEX is working on my three year old since he never demonstrated arthritic signs, but it would be a matter of time, given the damage.

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