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Equi Flexsleeve

Equi Flexsleeve

Equi Flexsleeve


  • Replaces cumbersome standing wraps
  • Prevents stocking up
  • Provides support and comfort for tired legs
  • Reduces bandage rub
  • Breathable, heat dissipating, moisture wicking
  • Quick drying, machine washable and dryable
  • Made in the USA
  • Colors: Black, green, grey(charcoal), light blue (steel blue), navy, pink (raspberry), purple (plum) or white
  • Sizes: XS, S, M, L in Front and Hind (sold in pairs) 


Equi Flexsleeve, a proprietary blend of multi-tensioned fibers infused with antimicrobial technology, acts as a compression sleeve/therapeutic joint support for horses. The sleeve fits loosely over the pastern and offers 20-30 mmHg of compression at the fetlock joint when applied to a mildly or moderately swollen leg.  The sleeve takes the place of traditional standing wraps and can be worn for longer periods of time than traditional wraps. Unlike traditional wraps, the sleeve allows heat to dissipate, does not immobilize the joints and remains in position as swelling decreases. Because Equi Flexsleeve has no adjustable straps or fasteners, the element of human error in application is removed.

The sleeve comes in seven sizes fitting both front and hind legs and is available in eight colors (black, navy, charcoal gray, hunter green, light blue, royal purple, pink and white).

The sleeve is comparable in pricing to traditional wraps.


Made in America, Equi Flexsleeve is knit in North Carolina (Twin City Knitting) and is packaged in Ohio.

Take a moment to watch the video.   This Reference video gives you  application tips & a very detailed account about proper measurement to ensure you get the correct size for your horse.    I also have The illustrated Sizing Chart located under more images.   


On a final note, Due to high demand many of the Color Combinations are currently Backordered

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Icey's Mom | Piqua Ohio - 01/17/2-13
    Durable and easy to clean
    Easy to apply
    Horse Tolerates
    Relieves swelling


    Decrease Leg Swelling
    Works Like Standing Wraps

    Comments about Equi Flexsleeve:
    I have a horse that stocks up at 18 yrs old and had swelling from an injury this helps keeps the swelling down and horse tolerates these wraps quite well.
  • Author: Shooter | Burr Ridge, IL 01/17/2013
    Pros: No Worry About Pressure
    Cons: Pricey

    BEST USES: Chronic Swelling

    Comments about Equi Flexsleeve:
    Instead of wrapping with fleece and then wrapping with nylon wraps I use the equisleeve which is a timesaver and eleviates the worry of consistent wrapping pressure.
  • Author: Tuffy's Mom | Concord, OH - 01/01/2013
    Beats Conventional Wraps
    Easy to clean
    Fabric breathes
    Great Leg Support
    Light Weight
    Support Hose For Horses
    Unique Concept

    Careful Not To Snag Sock
    Takes practice to put on

    Reduce Stocking Up
    Replacement For Wraps
    Support Suspensory Ligaments

    Comments about Equi Flexsleeve:
    I use these socks in place of wraps on my horse's front leg. He had torn the suspensory ligament and part of the bone. Wraps were causing sores, but this product eliminated the problem. It provides consistant support and does not rub or irritate the skin. With this product, he has been able to walk without limping and without sores. I have used the product for 6 months, changing the sleeves every other day. I wash them as I would any equine product - washer and dryer. They are awkward to put on initially - putting a plastice bag on the hoof keeps them from snagging. Taking them off is simple, just roll down and off. Snags and runs are a problem if you aren't careful.
  • Author: Hmb518 | Henderson, TX - 12/19/2012
    PROS: Helps Stocking Up

    Comments about Equi Flexsleeve:
    Has really helped my horse stocking up!!!
  • Author: Destiny's Mother | Chardon, OH - 10/23/2013
    Cooler In Summer Heat
    Does Not Bind Like Wraps
    Does Not Come Undone
    Easy to put on


    Comments about Equi Flexsleeve:
    My 20 year old mare had some windpuffs/stocking up in the heat and humidity of the summer. I used the Equiflex sleeves to reduce both. I was pleased with the results on the swelling. The anti-microbial action also seemed to work - no nasty fungus at all.

    Be sure to apply the product - especially if your horse is shod.
  • Author: Shannon & CJ | Chagrin Falls, OH - 10/21/2012
    Best Uses:

    Comments about Equi Flexsleeve:
    I have been using this product on my 15 year old Trakehner Gelding. Due to years of three day eventing and upper level dressage I wrap his legs with standing wraps for support and to help with stocking up. Thanks to the Equi FlexSleeves, I no longer have to worry about the inconvenience of standing wraps. Equi FlexSleeve is very easy to put on and off. This product has not only replaced standing wraps but it has shown much better results. Thank You Equi FlexSleeve

Detailed images

Equi Flexsleeve Sizing Photo
Equi Sleeve Sizing Chart
Sizing Color Chart

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FROM THE INVENTOR  -  Mary Braun Leibold

 In early 2009, while treating my own horse’s degenerative suspensory ligament lameness, I set out to develop a product that would provide him with the support of a traditional standing wraps without any of the negative side effects associated with long-term use of those wraps.   Working closely with physicians and equine veterinarians, I was able to produce such a product.


Although this product was designed strictly as a replacement for standing wraps, the testing showed that the majority of horses could wear the sleeves for light hacks or lunge work.   You will need to experiment to see how the sleeve wears on your horse.

After more than three years of testing and development, the result is a joint support/compression sleeve that is comfortable for the horse, can be used instead of standing wraps and can be used for longer periods of time than standing wraps.