Amanda Cook meets her Goal of CMSA Level 6 with Flair Equine Nasal Strips …

Amanda Cook & Platinum

Amanda Cook & Platinum

Even with crappy ground and slipping all over, this sweet girl won me overall today! She’s come so far. Thank you Troy Brandenburg and Flair Strips for keeping Platinum breathing great and running awesome! Everyone who asked what was on her nose, I always run her in Flair Strips.

Well the day I become a level 6 has finally come Coming into 2015, I had no wins as a 5, my dream team (Leo, Nelly & Platinum) ran amazing and always put me where I need to be. I can’t thank Deke Rivers enough for making my shooting what it is today and always pushing me to be my best.  My sponsors played a huge roll in this –  keeping me, my horses and my

Amanda Cook Bayguns in great shape – Equine Omega Complete, Eagle Grips, Americase, and RES Boots)! Also thank you Troy Brandenburg and Flair strips for keeping Platinum breathing great and cutting her cool off time down by a far, she runs much better with Flair strips! Thank you Mary Rivers for always helping with my horses and having advice every time i need it! Im proud beyond words can explain with Platinum, she’s come so far and made everything well worth it! Thank you to my amazing parents who always believe in me and hauling me all around ?

And we want to take this moment to Say Thank-you for all the kind words.    We think you are a superstar both in and outside of the arena.    Here’s to more great runs and accomplishments this year.