Another amazing response about the Effects of the UltrOz Elite Ultrasound System

Thank-you Sarah Jungman for the kind words.   We do our best to go that extra mile to help our customers …

From Sarah | June 30, 2014

I am so grateful for you and this company for being so great to work with and helping me get through this!

I have been using the UltrOz unit for my horse after he torn a ligament over a year and a half ago. After several different treatments my veterinarian worried if he would ever come back fully. After using the UltOz for a month I had him back to full work. I discontinued use as I had borrowed the unit and slowly after a month he was getting really sore and I worried if he was injured again so I purchased the machine, two weeks later he was feeling great! We entered our first rodeo and placed third against some tough competition. Every rodeo since we had been in the top 15 which is great for his 1st seasoning year. Two weeks before the “Cowboy Christmas” run with several days of rodeos in a row including some two a days, my horse destroyed his UltrOz! I panicked not only because I broke the unit but because I truly felt it was the only reason my horse was sound. This company was fantastic to work with! I had purchased the extended warranty when I bought the UltrOz for damages etc but had no idea how easy it would be to report a claim. They not only worked with me on the missing parts but offered to rush shipment so I would have a new working unit before I started my Fourth of July rodeo travels. Everything I needed they offered to help anyway that they could, above and beyond doesn’t describe how great they were to work with! Not only is the UltrOz a miracle to my horse, but the ZetrOz company is pretty awesome too!


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