Brandenburg’s Store | Set the date – Auto Delivery


Hand Feeding my PonyMany of us order items on a regular basis.    And so often, we find that we are on the last scoop of the container when we realize that we forgot to re-order.     OOPS!   This leaves us with the frantic order with the extra cost of expedited shipping so that we don’t have a gap in use.   So for your convenience, you can now set an automated delivery cycle for your product – 30 days, 45 days, 60 days, 90 days, or a custom time frame.

So don’t let our ponies pay the price for our hectic lifestyles. Just give me a call … 618-660-7266 … or send me a note so we can set up auto-delivery.   No more hassle.  No more worries.  What your pony needs  just shows up on your door without a thought.

And if circumstances change, just get in touch and we will make the necessary adjustments.