Brandenburg’s Tidbits | Did you Know? @Do It Yourself – Equine Therapeutic Equipment

Stifle Wrap Left SideIt seems that our horses are capable of hurting themselves in a padded room.   How many times have we walked out to the barn to see that our horse is lame but the night before he was fine.   I think “getting hurt” is the horse’s true talent.  But by having a few tools on hand you can be ahead of the game.  We have  therapeutic equipment available for sale and rental for those unforeseen moments.  In this day and age, why pay a therapist or vet for sessions that you can do your self.

Did you know that a 10 minute session with a vet for an ultrasound treatment starts at $450.00?   Honestly, you can rent a portable ultrasound system for $200.00/month or purchase the system for $1300.00.   If you decide to rent, that means you can have as many sessions as you want for 30 days for $200.00 or if you decide to purchase the unit you have unlimited sessions for life for 1300.00.   That’s a savings in my book.