Brandenburg’s Tidbits | Don’t pull the “behavior” Card …

I was reading through the internet and  stumbled upon this.

If your horse is acting up, whether it is under saddle or in hand, don’t pull the “behavior” card until you have thoroughly explored all physical possibilities for the behavior. Teeth. Ulcers. Hocks. The list goes on and on. If your horse is basically happy, yet uncharacteristically acts out only under specific circumstances, it is possible that pain may be involved. Check it out – you may be surprised at what you find. [Grant Miller, DVM December 31, 2014]

Fergus 911

I realize that most of us are already aware of this fact.    But it is easy to get tunnel vision and to forget.    So, I thought I would just post this little reminder.  Keep and open mind & remember that more times than not, Its more than meets the eye.



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