California Chrome Wins the 2014 Kentucky Derby, Did you notice his Flair Strip?

California Chrome

What a story! Almost seems like a fairytale. California Chrome has truly stolen the hearts of America. Dreams can come true & the little man can finish on top.    It all started with two Partners that decided solely based on their love of the sport to try their hand at horse racing. Two everyday people purchased a mare for $8000.00 and then bred her to a $2500/breeding stud. They were greatly ridiculed about their transactions and called Dumb Asses. From there, DAP [Dumb Ass Partners] Racing was Born. Honestly, a horse from Humble beginnings in a field of Royalty.   And he more than proves his worthiness. California Chrome dominated the field and floats across the finish line with almost a two length lead. Now add a 77 year old horse trainer & folks we have the makings of the next Disney Movie.

So Is it possible?   Do we have our next Triple Crown Winner?

Now beyond all this hype, lets see what we as competitors can learn from this Champion. Did you notice that California Chrome Crossed the Finish Line Sporting his Flair Nasal Strip. The flair nasal strip offers therapeutic value by decreasing the chance of bleeding.  How does this work?   The Flair Nasal strip is a self-adhesive strip about three inches wide that provides “spring-like force” to the soft tissue overlaying a horse’s nasal passages. According to the company, eight peer-reviewed studies have shown the nasal strips lessen exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhaging [EIPH], more commonly known as bleeding, by reducing the collapse of the soft nasal tissue during exercise.   The flair strips promote optimum respiratory health by decreasing airway resistance and providing improved air flow when your horse needs oxygen most. Help your horse breathe easier by wearing your own Flair Strip.

Do you have a few more questions about the Flair Strips and how they might help your horse’s Performance. If these Q&A Faqs don’t cover your questions, please contact us

And don’t be overwhelmed with the idea of how to put this on your horse properly.   Flair has simplified this method so that any one can do it.  Just watch this Video and save it in your Favs so that you can re-watch it on your phone in the barn.

How to Apply the Flair Equine Nasal Strips

Flair Strips are available through the Brandenburg’s Store.