Clinical Facts about the Soft Ride Boots

Veterinarians and trainers rely on Soft-Ride Comfort Boots because…
• Firm, flexible support of the hoof


• Gel increases foot and leg circulation


• Boots protect delicate, healing hooves

Troy's Tip of the MonthEach Soft-Ride Comfort Boot ships with our patented gel insert. These orthotic inserts are the key to the Soft-Ride boot’s tremendous success in helping horses.

  • The gel molds quickly to the bottom of the foot to support any hoof condition.
  • Many different densities and density combinations are available to fine-tune your horse’s treatment.

Soft-Ride orthotics assist the natural blood circulation in horses’ hooves by supporting their subtle weight shifts as they stand in trailers or on concrete or asphalt stall floors.

  • Supports the frog to stimulate blood circulation through the hoof and leg.
  • Reduces shock and vibration transfer to the rest of the skeleton.

When a horse is in pain, immediate comfort is always the first priority. Soft-Ride Equine Comfort Boots relieve suffering from a wide variety of hoof conditions and disorders.

  • Protects, supports and stabilizes the foot in chronic laminitis or hoof injury.
  • Provides easy-to-remove bandage and dressing coverage for pre- and post-surgical care.
  • Cushions sore hooves recovering from chronic lameness.

Soft Ride Boots
are available at the Brandenburg’s Store.Soft-Ride gel eases pain of laminitis says independent study. To see the results of the study, download the PDF Equine Laminitis Study