Don’t Just take our word about our new SI Electromagnetic & Massage Blanket and Hoof Boots …

We absolutely love our SI Electromagnetic & Massage Blanket and Hoof Boots. Honestly, the more we use it the more we love it. But don’t just take our word about how great this product is. Check out what some of our Clients have to say.  Honestly, we can say it is straight from the horse’s mouth.  LOL

Alison Falke's Pony - Life is good


Alison Falke’s Pony – Life is good

If a picture is worth a 1000 words then the video is worth 10 million.

Alison Falke’s Pony – I had really had something to say but it seems to have slipped my mind. Ahhh, yes. I am sure I will remember later after my spa.



I absolutely love my Impulse Line blanket. The combination of pulsed electromagnetic therapy and massage therapy is genius. My horses feel better than ever and it shows! The system is lightweight and easy to manage which is a huge plus. I have cut back on chiropractor adjustments and other similar things with the use of this blanket. Definitely the best therapy system on the market. —Alison Falke


Courtney Duncan’s pony was quite fond of the SI Electromagnetic/Massage Blanket & Hoof Boots. He could not slather Courtney with enough Thank-you’s and Kisses. Ahhh, This is wonderful.


Kay Blandford testing the Hoof Boots

The Hoof Boots are not just for our Ponies. After a long day at the Show, Kay Blandford needed to kick back and relax.


Peter Walder's Pony

This little lady had just traveled from Canada to Miami, Florida to race. I think the trip had definitely taken its toll on her. But after a session with Troy & the SI Electromagnetic/Massage Blanket she was feeling like a new pony. This Spa day was definitely needed.

Peter Walder’s Racing | Gulfstream Park South Florida


Pauline & Caitlin Wood's Pony

Pauline & Caitlin Wood’s Pony is quite relaxed while sporting their new SI ElectroMagnetic/Massage Blanket


Kelsey Thompson's Pony

Kelsey Thompson’s Pony is enjoying some much needed spa time with her new SI Electromagnetic/Massage Blanket while chilling at home.


You can try out this blanket or hoof boots and just see how much your pony will love it. The company offers 30 day trials. But I promise that 30 days will not be enough. After just a short time you will be wanting to get one for yourself. I guarantee that your pony will love you for it.

Therapy of Champions

SI Impulse Line Electro Magnetic & Massage Therapy – The all in one Blanket

By enhancing venous blood flow, this combination of therapies can be used on many equine problems and conditions as well as having great results when used on a pre-warm-up program before exercise and a recovery program after exercise. What’s more, the Combi Pro rug treats the whole of the horse from the top of the neck to the tip of the tail. The system contains 5 lines of strategically placed PEMF spools and 5 lines of massage modules. The control box on the rug activates these lines in the sequence giving a high support of the venous blood flow to the heart in conformity to the blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

Areas of Applications

Recovery Management
Pain Management
Increase Circulation
General Relaxation

SI Electromagnetic/Massage Blanket 30 day trial – $380/$380 Deposit + S&H


The Boots

The boots are made from Goretex with a strong rubber base. They fix to the leg using elastic sticky straps. They cover the hoof up to the fetlock joint. They are easy to use and offer a wide spectrum of treatments. Each boot contains 2 magnetic spools and 2 massage units which work together to improve circulation to this area.

SI Electromagnetic/Massage Hoof Boots 30 day trial – $250/$250 Deposit + S&H

Don’t hesitate to email or to call (618) 660-7266 with any questions you have about this equipment.

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