Equi-Sure Now by Pro Earth Animal Health

EquiSure Now is an all-natural colloidal supplement designed to increase a horses’ overall health as well as support horses during periods of stress and disease. Equi-Sure increases appetite and water consumption and can be used to combat digestive ailments including colic and diarrhea. Equi-Sure is proven to reduce the signs of ulcers in horses when used as directed. Equi-Sure has been shown to increase a horse’s performance. Equi-Sure Now supports the immune system while restoring overall health.

What is Equi-Sure and Why is it SO GOOD?

Equi-Sure was developed by horsemen to fill a need for a natural treatment for illness in their equine operations. They needed something that was all-natural, cost effective, and effective in supporting their horses’ immune systems during times of illness and stress.

Field tests have shown reduced ulcers and disease in horses treated with Equi-Sure and it is also proven to reduce stress and support the immune system.

Equi-Sure is used by top barrel racer Jeanne Anderson, among others, as an overall maintenance program to keep her horses healthy and performing well, as well as for reducing signs of ulcers while hauling.

Here are some of Equi-Sure’s Amazing Benefits!

Increases appetite and water consumption during times of stress.
Aids in the reduction of parasites.
Reduces vet bills when used as a preventive measure.
Supports a healthy immune system and restores overall health. Reduces signs of ulcers. (Equi-Sure has been show to eliminate them over time as well.)
Combats digestive problems such as colic and diarrhea.
Can be used as a standalone defense against disease or an adjunct to traditional methods.
In addition, Equi-Sure is proven to work on the following ailments:

  • Ulcer
  • Colic
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Stress and more! 

How does Equi-Sure work?

The ingredients in Equi-Sure combine to form an antibacterial cleanse that naturally breaks down bacteria in a horse’s stomach. Equi-Sure naturally creates a high PH level in the horse, reducing signs of ulcers. In addition, Equi-Sure naturally creates an appetite in horses and will keep them eating and drinking when stressed.

Equi-Sure works best when administered to horses on an empty stomach and is completely all natural and safe to use in all types of horses, including foals and lactating mares.

Equi-Sure is used as an adjunct to traditional methods or as a stand alone defense against disease.

Pro Earth Animal Health provides 100% All-Natural products to promote the health & success of your animals. Pro Earth Animal Health provides all-natural products made up of plant extracts (corn, soy, onion), vegetable based fatty-acids, tree oils, and water. It is not a true pesticide in the fact that it has no poisons but has the effectiveness of one. Not only do Pro Earth Animal Health products fight organisms that cause illness, but they also increase animals’ appetites, making our products a great supplement to use to help keep your animals healthy. The increased appetite also means that animals with an illness are more likely to recover and in less time.

Available Sizes:

250 ML … $70.00 ($2.70/10 ML dose)
500 ML … $125.00 ($2.50/10 ML dose)
Half Gal … $350.00 ($1.86/10 ML dose)
1 Gal … $700.00 ($1.86/10 ML dose)

You may purchase directly through the Brandenburg’s Store.

INGREDIENTS: Colloidal silver, corn oil, guargum, orange extract, onion extract, soybean oil, glycerine, vegetable-based fatty acids, natural apple flavoring, water.


  • Health Maintenance: administer 10ML 1 to 2 times Weekly.
  • Digestive Problems: administer 10ML orally as needed.
  • Ulcers: administer 10ML once a day for 5 days or until clinical signs cease. For maintenance, administer 10ML 2-3 times weekly. Administer 10ML 24 hours proir and daily during times of stress or performance.
  • Respiratory: administer 10ML for a minimum of 2 days or as needed.
  • To entice a horse to eat and drink, administer 10ML as needed.
  • EquiSure is recommended to be used in water tanks during the first 7 days to keep infectious bacteria from spreading. Administer 2ML per gallon of water.
  • It is recommended to administer Equi-Sure as an additive when antibiotics are being used. This will increase appetite anda reduce stress.
  • In cases of colic, response should be seen within 45 minutes of dosage. For Equi-Sure to work effectively, it must be fully ingested by the animal. Acute cases may require treatment for an additional two days, as well as a combination of traditional treatment methods. Individual results may vary.