Equi-Sure Now is renamed EquineActive

Equine ActiveQuite recently Pro Earth Animal Health has opted to change the name of the product EquiSure Now to EquineActive.   It is the same great product just a new catchy name.

EquineActive [EquiSure Now] is an all-natural colloidal supplement designed to increase a horses’ overall health as well as support horses during periods of stress and disease. Equine Active increases appetite and water consumption and can be used to combat digestive ailments including colic and diarrhea. Equine Active is proven to reduce the signs of ulcers in horses when used as directed. Equine Active has been shown to increase a horse’s performance. Equi-Sure Now supports the immune system while restoring overall health.

How does EquineActive work? The ingredients in EquineActive combine to form an antibacterial cleanse that naturally breaks down bacteria in a horse’s stomach. EquineActive naturally creates a high PH level in the horse, reducing signs of ulcers. In addition, EquineActive nIMG_2561aturally creates an appetite in horses and will keep them eating and drinking when stressed.

EquineActive works best when administered to horses on an empty stomach and is completely all natural and safe to use in all types of horses, including foals and lactating mares.

EquineActive is used as an adjunct to traditional methods or as a stand alone defense against disease.

Pro Earth Animal Health provides 100% All-Natural products to promote the health & success of your animals. Pro Earth Animal Health provides all-natural products made up of plant e
xtracts (corn, soy, onion), vegetable based fatty-acids, tree oils, and water. It is not a true pesticide in the fact that it has no poisons but has the effectiveness of one. Not only do Pro Earth Animal Health products fight organisms that cause illness, but they also increase animals’ appetites, making our products a great supplement to use to help keep your animals healthy. The increased appetite also means that animals with an illness are more likely to recover and in less time.

Brandenburg Equine Therapy is an authorized representative of EquineActive &  is available through the Brandenburg’s Store.