Equine First Aid Part 2 – Standing Bandages

Standing with no bow pillowStanding Bandages

The main function of standing bandages (also called stable or stall bandages) is to provide protection, mild support, and warmth to the tendons and ligaments in the horse’s lower leg. Frequently used to help prevent edema or “stocking up” caused by inactivity and often following strenuous exercise, these general purpose bandages can also be used to cover the leg after applying a wound dressing, poultice, liniment, or other topical.

Standing bandages consist of an inner layer of padding material – usually no-bow, quilted, or pillow wraps, although roll, sheet, or combine cotton are also suitable – over which commercial standing (or stable) bandages made of stretchy cotton or polyester knit with Velcro® fasteners are applied. When applied correctly, a standing bandage should cover the horse’s lower leg from just below the knee or hock down to the bottom of the fetlock (see Figure 1: Applying a Standing Bandage).

Remember, if you apply a standing bandage to one leg, you should also wrap the opposite leg. Standing bandages are typically worn for about 12 hours at a time and should never be left on for longer than 24 hours without being removed and rewrapped.


Standing bandage


shipping bandage 2


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