Featured Product of the Month | Arthroxigen

Joint and bone health is important for horses of all ages and activity levels. Whether joint stress is caused by everyday wear-and-tear or trauma, key active ingredients like Glucosamine, Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin Sulfate are oral forms of nutrients the horse’s body already produces to maintain joint health.

Deciding which joint formula to use for your horse can be a daunting task, so we’ve come up with a simple guide to help you determine which products are best for your horse.

• Maintenance Support – preventive formulas, to maintain joint health for younger horses not yet showing signs of issues or discomfort.
• Moderate Support – support formulas for moderately worked horses, or horses showing initial discomfort, such as minor stiffness and soreness.
• Strong Support – for horses with chronic or acute issues, such as excessive stress or damage to the joint tissue.

Arthroxigen – Strong Support – Most Complex Blend of Joint Support Ingredients Available!  High strength combination of Glucosamine – Chondroitin Sulfate – MSM – Devils Claw – Hyaluronic Acid – Yucca and much more!  High in Antioxidents! Contains over 10 different dried fruits as well as grape seed extract, vitamin c, hydolyzed collagen, turmeric, cats claw, white willow and much more!  Recommended to support healthy joint function.

Arthroxigen is a premium, very high potency, complex joint support formula that includes much higher doses of MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and Glucosamine with Chondroitin. This also includes a higher dose of Vitamin C along with Vitamin B5 and a multitude of plant and herbal based ingredients that greatly support joint and connective tissue health while also offering an improved benefit by working together synergistically.  Bio-Active Whey is also a component that has particular benefit on supporting balanced immune health. The scope and potency of the ingredients in Arthroxigen are simply unmatched anywhere in the industry. This can be used as a general support formula or for horses that experience the joint related consequences of aging. More frequently, it is utilized as a high-powered support formula for horses with significant joint risk as a result of activity, training, competition or physical wear and tear.

Independent Testing Results for Arthroxigen from the Horse Journal:  “Double dose for optimum effect.  Broad Spectrum herbal support was rapidly effective in reducing pain.  ·2-year-old in training with chronic stifle soreness stopped tripping and quivering within 5 days.  Swelling and heat 85% reduced by 10 days, gone at 3 weeks.  ·17-year-old that had improved on a glucosamine and chrondroitin supplement but was still lame trotting improved a further lameness grade in the first week on 25-gram dose.  ·4-year-old racing mare with recurrent problems with fetlock swelling, heat and pain in all four showed 90% resolution with the first week but continued to require the 50-gram dose.”

“We had 72 products in this field trial . . . overall, our top performer for really tough cases is Arthroxigen.”

Arthroxigen is my go to joint product for horses with chronic and acute conditions, arthritis, or just in need of Strong Joint Support.   If you would like to give Arthroxigen a try and see how it can benefit your horse, you may click here.