Featured Product of the Month | Draper Body Therapy® BaXsaver

As most of us realize, the true test that tells you that something was working for you is when for whatever reason you don’t use it.  In this case,  Troy accidentally left his BaXsaver in a rental car on one of his trips across the US.  Now, Don’t get me wrong.    Troy already knew that the BaXsaver was helping him.     He was already sharing his thoughts and experiences with all of you about what a great Product this is.     But now,  there was no doubt.    He was miserable while we were waiting for the company to send us a replacement.    In the week or two that we were waiting, we ended up post-poning trips, and Troy was back into the Chiro a couple times that week.    He was still moving quite gingerly around the house & farm.   He might not be willing to admit it, but he was a little more than un-comfortable.    Then, it arrived.     I ran up the stairs & said IT’S HERE!    I am not kidding you, and I am not over exaggerating this scenario.     In only 2 hours after Troy had his BaXsaver on he was jumping around, happy, laughing, in a great mood, and exclaims, “I am ready to go back to work tomorrow”.    Absolutely Amazing.

And if you wonder what I learned from this experience.    Well…. now we have the backup BaXsaver at the house just in case he misplaces this one.    I will not take a chance again.    And if he fails to keep this one,  I will whip out the backup BaXsaver and then order him another one that day.

Interested in relieving your back pain.   Then don’t wait another day.    Get your BaXsaver today.


The Draper Body Therapy™ BaXsaver provides relief from stiffness and soreness in the back. Bound with Lycra® and reinforced with Velcro®, the BaXsaver stays secure around your torso.  Machine washable and dryer safe.

BaXsaver fabric content: lining 65% Holofiber®/Celliant™, 35% Polyester.

Made with Holofiber®/Celliant™, an innovative and revolutionary smart fiber used by Draper Therapies™, it redirects natural energy the body emits to lessen negative symptoms and improve the body’s own natural systems.  Clinically proven to increase the circulation of oxygenated blood.

The resulting therapeutic benefits of Holofiber®/Celliant™ are:

  • Circulation of oxygenated blood
  • Accelerated muscle recovery after stress or exertion
  • Relief from stiffness, soreness and swelling

Holofiber®/Celliant™ is not a coating. As such, it never washes out of the fabric.  The fiber is also non-toxic and biologically benign.  It works with the body to help it do what it does naturally.


  • XS: 22″ – 28″
  • S: 24″ – 32″
  • M: 28″ – 38″
  • L: 32″ – 42″
  • XL: 36″ – 48″

Draper Body Therapy™ is a line of products designed to deliver the therapeutic benefits of increased circulation to athletes of all ages and abilities.  When the products are worn close to the body, they combat stiffness, soreness and swelling with the added benefit of accelerated muscle recovery.  This line is made to deliver the superior comfort athletes and fitness enthusiasts expect from quality performance gear.

Draper Therapies™ products are machine washable, dryer safe and made in the USA.