Iconoclast – Available at Brandenburg Equine Therapy

Iconoclast® Boots were designed and endorsed by leading equine veterinarians and horsemen.

Iconoclast® Orthopedic Support Boots feature our patented Double Sling Straps for unparalleled lateral support. With its evenly distributed support to the suspensory branches, Iconoclast® is the only boot that truly lifts and cradles the equine leg. Designed to reduce joint interference and restriction, this is the perfect all around boot for every equine discipline.

Iconoclast® Orthopedic Support Boots will help your horse feel more confident with each step he takes, in and out of the arena. Iconoclast®Bell Boots are the perfect compliment to our Orthopedic Support Boots.

At Brandenburg Equine Therapy we will be offering the Iconoclast Boots at a minimal Price that is below the suggested Retail Price.   If you desire more information or would like to order a pair of boots, please call 618-660-7266.   The boots will be available on our website BrandenburgEquineTherapy.com very shortly.

Iconoclast Front Orthopedic Boot   … Suggested Retail Price $85.00.  Our Price $75.00

Iconoclast Hind Orthopedic Boot… Suggested Retail Price $90.00.   Our Price $80.00

Iconoclast XL Hind Orthopedic Boot…Suggested Retail Price $98.00.  Our Price $93.00

Iconoclast Bell Boots… Suggested Retail Price is $24.00.   Our Price is $21.00

 We continue to offer high quality products and customer service.