Kind Words from Kaycee Harbin … @her Horse’s Recovery

Kaycee Harbin's Mare & her recoveryMy mare injured her left front tendon 2 1/2 weeks ago and had the same injury to her right front 4 days later. We were told 2 weeks of stall rest then turn out for 2-3 months before riding again (and with the golf ball sized knots on the back of her tendons It was hard to not believe them)! A message to Troy Brandenburg the day we came home from the vet and per his advise she was on the centurion plate & leg wraps 2x a day, then ice vibes 2-3x a day and lived in soft rides. After 2 days she wasn’t limping, the knots were almost half the size! Sporting her draper wraps outside she went! Wearing the draper perfect polos for turnout during the day and draper standing wraps at night the knots got cooler & smaller! It’s been 2 weeks since injuring the right front the ‘knots’ are now none existent! A trip to the amazing Dr. Brunk yesterday & were given the GO AHEAD to start legging her up! She went from being off 2-3 months to in 2 weeks getting the go ahead from our vet!! He asked what we’d been doing to get these results and Its all Troy & Tiffany Brandenburg’s doing! It’s their amazing products and knowledge! The results don’t lie! Troy and Tiffany thank you!! Without your help, knowledge, answering my crazy question no matter what time or how busy you were! This wouldn’t have been possible without your help!! Proof is in the pudding smile emoticon picture is today after her centurion treatment smile emoticon no ‘knots’, no heat, no swelling!


For more information about the therapeutic equipment that Kaycee used on her mare you may click here …

Centurion 4ph/hf and other pulsating electromagnetic therapy units, Perfect Polos, Recovery Wraps, and Ice Vibes.