Life has been Crazy and we have all of you to thank!

October was a grueling month. Rain, Rain, & more Rain. I could keep writing that for days and not every one would truly appreciate how much rain we had in the St Louis area. It seemed no matter where we went or what we did we spent all our time soaked to the bone. And of course, that was when we were not rained out. But then October came to an end with Barrel Bash in Gifford, Illinois. Then we jetted off to the WPRA finals in Tulsa, OK  for 8 days. Now we are on our way to Waco, TX . Finally to take a rest at home for good ole turkey day – Thanksgiving.  Don't worry this in only a two day vacation while we fry turkey, make chocolate covered cranberries, and absolutely gorge ourselves. We will be back on the trail promptly Friday morning heading to Columbia, MO for Barrel Bash and then Flying to Vegas for the NFR- November 30th – December 13, 2009. I always have great intentions of taking the camera and getting pictures to share with everyone. But somehow, even when I remember to pack the camera, I forget to shoot the film. Well…. I  will try to do better and hope to have some new and exciting pictures to share with all of you. In closing, none of this would be possible with out all of you. So while you are all enjoying your Turkey Day,  remember we give thanks to you as well.

Life is great.  

Troy & Tiffany

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