One sore horse

I found this interesting.   the other day we had a call from a fellow barrel racer saying that her horse was not performing at its best and that she could not figure it out.  She said that she seemed fine at a lope but that she seemed off at the trot and she just could not put her finger where.  We took our trusty new camera over and snapped this shot.  Absolutely unbelievable.  When you look at all the deep dark red in this thermal image, you are seeing areas of increased body temp.   these areas of the horse were measuring approximately 104 to 106 degrees.  This shows areas of inflammation, body soreness, and strain.    this horse was still trying but just could not get the job done.   Look at all the inflammation with in the neck, shoulders & across the rump.  If this horse could have spoken, I believe that it would have requested more than a couple of days off.