Product of the Month | The Hoof Pad

Wow, the month is almost over and I have managed to push off doing the Product of the Month.   Procrastination is grand.   Well, to be honest, it is not entirely procrastination.   A lot has to do with how busy all of you have had us.   Since we last spoke we have been to Broken Bow, NE; Souix Falls, SD;  several different locations in MN, Iowa, Florida, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, & Texas – well, just a few miles.   We will end the Month at the BBR Finals in OKC.   Good luck to everyone there.

Well on to the subject that I am supposed to be addressing.

This month our trusty friend drew out of a hat – The Hoof Pad.   You know that it is ironic that Chris drew out the hoof pad because Troy’s Tip of the Month with On The Rodeo Road was about the horse’s feet and how they are the foundation of the horse.   As Troy said, “No Feet No Horse”.

Now I must admit that this might be Troy’s favorite piece of equipment.   Much like the blanket that all of you have seen troy use during your horse’s session, the hoof pad is Pulsed Magnet Field Therapy Equipment. Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy is a safe, painless and drug-free treatment method. Technically, Pulsed magnetic fields help increase cellular metabolism by positively influencing ion exchange within cells.   Now let me simplify that for you.   Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy speeds the healing process.  It stimulates tissue, increases blood flow, and reduces swelling.   There are a quite a few of you that have had your horse stand on our hoof pad.   But as a hole, the usefulness and need for this piece of equipment in our work is quite understated.

This little gem really addresses issues that our ponies have with their feet .  The magnetic field penetrates from 12 to 15 inches, not only treating the hooves, but also treating to just below the knee or hock. The Hoof Pad is perfect for treating the hoof, one of the hardest areas of a horse to treat.   Other indications the Hoof Pad may work on include: abscess, concussion problems, bruised feet, swelling, navicular, fractures, laminitis as well as many others.The hoof pad is meant to be used in conjunction with Either the 4PH or the 9PH. This  hoof pad is available for sale or rental.