Proper Sizing for the Iconoclast Equine Support Boot

The Iconoclast boot fits different than any other support boot on the market. This boot fits more like a tailored suit or a slim fit jean. Most boots are sized according to the cannon bone height while the Iconoclast Boot  requires you to measure the diameter of the fetlock. Iconoclast Boots are designed to cradle the fetlock and to give the most support to the suspensory tendons. So, don’t assume the size you need based on other brands that you have purchased in the past. Take the time to measure your horse so that you get the correct fitting boot for him.

The Iconoclast Equine Boot offers unparalleled support and functionality. In this video you will see Ward Heid describing where boots from other manufacturers fail to sufficiently support horses, how the Iconoclast Boots actually succeed in this area and why lending this type of support is absolutely essential for your horse’s health.

Iconoclast Boots are available through the Brandenburg’s Store.