SI ElectroMagnetic Massage Boots | The proof is in the Pudding.


I like these bootsThe proof is in the pudding.

It just tickles me when our clients realize how great these hoof boots are.    We see this response every time we use these boots.    They  are truly amazing.

This weekend Troy put the Electromagnetic & Massage boots on my mare who has deep bruising in her front hooves and was obviously lame at just a walk. After a half hour session there was already fluid being drawn from the bruises. We trotted her on tar and was a night and day difference, it was clear she was feeling a lot better. The next morning we did another half hour session, the whole time licking her lips and yawning. The results were mind blowing! She walked away comfortably and feeling like a million bucks!! Thanks again to troy! It was definitely worth it and only wish I had access to the boots 24/7! – Tori Weber. April 13, 2015

If you have any questions, want more info, or would like to see the boots yourself, give us a call (618) 660-7266, email  or  check them out on our site.