SI Hoof Boots – Another Satisfied Client

I’m absolutely amazed with the SI Hoof Boots. This is Goldar. He couldn’t walk a week ago. Both legs 4/5 lame and full rotation on both front. This is him today. NO BUTE for the last 3 days. Very pleased.   Thank you, Ashley Mosier – May 2015

The SI Impulse Line Hoof Boots are a light weight system designed to treat hoof injuries. Compared to heavy hoof pads, the horse can move wI like these bootsith the hoof boots on.

The hoof boots combine Magnetic and massage therapy to optimize and increase circulation.

The boot is operated from a control box and rechargeable battery that attaches to the horse’s surcingle. From here, any of the preset programmes can be selected. The Hoof Boot simply straps on to the horse’s hoof, so it’s really simple to use and allows you to carry on with your tasks while the program runs.


  • Recovery Management
  • Pain ManagementIncrease
  • Circulation
  • Injury Treatment
  • Chronic Diseases


  • Direct coverage of PEMF coils of sole, canon bone, fetlock, distal sesamoid, up to middle of proximal phalanx
  • Versatile use on front & hind legs
  • Horse can move around on cross-ties
  • Light weight system

If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone about the boots, you can call (618) 660-7266, email –, or use this contact form.

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