Thermal Imaging Camera


Thermal Image Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera – Palmer Wahl HSI 3000AS

HSI3000AS Wahl Heat Spy® – Agriculture & Sports Medicine/Athletic Training

Model Number HSI3000AS

Heat Spy Thermal Imaging Camera, is distributed for the Agriculture Industry exclusively by Scoring Systems.  We at Brandenburg Equine have contracted with Scoring Systems such that we can now offer this camera to the public.  We can be contacted at   We are currently offering both services using the camera.   And if you love the camera as much as we do you can then purchase it.

This new major diagnostic tool, can detect infection, injuries or muscle group problems before they become critical. The camera detects the problem long before a human can see it, and displays an image with colored temperature patterns in the problem area. A specific site of infection or muscle group injury can be seen before the animal or pet is really sick or disabled.

Use for: dairy animals, livestock, pets, horses, exotic speciesdetection of hoof infection.

Used by: dairy farmer, livestock owner, horse owner, veterinarian, hoof trimmer

Detect problems with shoes, hoofs, hoof rot, poor shoeing job, or incorrect nail size.

Save money by shoeing horses only when necessary.  Hoof trimmer and farriers are able to document the shoeing job and see if the foot is in balance.  Hoof trimmers can determine and document problems before corrections are made, or lameness occurs. Find muscle groups that are causing lameness for wrapping and treatment.   See if a saddle is fitting properly.

Advantage for Veterinarians:

Less use of X-ray machines.

Farm Vets can carry the camera easily for on-site treatments.

Print images for the owner or store it with treatment information in one of Scoring System´s databases: ,,

Advantages for Owners:

By using the camera with one Scoring System´s web based databases a picture from the camera can be uploaded into the database and shared with the veterinarian, so he can decide if he has go on-site for a treatment.

This portable detection camera is a major advancement in animal health technology.

  • Huge savings for long-term treatment cost by early detection of a problem.
  • Cut down expenses for veterinarians by bringing animals to Universities for X-Rays.
  • Detect and remove from a herd before an animal is critically ill.
  • Save animals lives.
  • Camera can be used from any direction including upside down.
  • Operate from a safe distance, 10 feet+
  • Rubber cushion on camera for protection
  • Sun shield (optional) for outside use.

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