Troy Brandenburg meets Bobby Ingersoll

Well… the year has flown by and I have to admit that I have not been great at keeping all of you posted about some of the superb things that have been going on.  To start, Troy really had a awe-inspiring moment occur while he was in Reno Nevada this past September.    Troy went there to work on a few of High School Rodeo team’s horses.   While Troy was working, a man with a very watchful eye scrutinized Troy’s every move.

This particular man was so impressed with Troy the first day, that he asked Troy to come to his barn and to help him with one particular horse that he knew something was not quite right  but that he could not quite put his finger on.  Now I must tell you that the man was world renowned horse trainer, competitor, and NRCHA Hall of fame inductee Bobby Ingersoll.  Troy was on Cloud 9 that some one of so much talent and knowledge would come to him for assistance.   Not only did Troy get to spend his 2nd day in Reno with this legend talking and philosophizing about the horse,  he was able to give Bobby a new perspective about his horses.   Bobby was  so impressed with Troy’s ability, knowledge, & handling of the horses that before Troy left,  Bobby went in the house and got his personal book and autographed it for him.   It was really an electrifying moment.