Troy’s Thoughts | In the Alleyway


cowgirl on the chutesIt’s been awhile since I was at Cheyenne, but last night I was reminded how much some things never change. There were a lot of new faces and still some ole familiar ones. But every one was still thinking the same timeworn thoughts. Is my Horse ready? Will I ride him correctly? And the old Favorite – What will the ground be like? I understand their thoughts and have my own fears.   That’s why I am writing this at 3 o’clock in the morning. My fear – Did I do the Best I can to help the horse perform? Some times we let those fears get in the way of what we are trying to achieve. Most things are out of our control. However, YOU can control how you think before you run. So as you walk down the alley, there is nothing you can change so just let it all go. It is what it is, so be positive and trust that you are ready for this. Don’t even think about If there is a problem because than most likely there will be. Take a deep breath, Cowboy/Cowgirl UP, and with Gods help you will make a smooth run.

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