Troy’s Thoughts | It Spring – Lets get ready for competition Properly

525865Its that time of year when every one is busy getting there horses back in shape to compete again. I always have a word of warning to people that get me to look at their horses.  It’s just as bad to over train your horse as to under train. There are a few reasons that I believe this, remember when every one use to think you needed to have hard muscles for strength and the stronger you are the better? Let me put this in perspective.  Have you every seen a Weight lifter run very far or Fast? When the muscles get hard and tight you lose some of you elasticity and flexibility in the muscles to power off the mark and twist and turn. Also if there is not the elasticity in the muscles and tendons and you slip or put your foot in a hole then you have more chance of pulling or tearing something. It’s a known fact that when you run you burn Fat. If there is no fat to burn then you will burn Muscle. If you burn Muscle you will end up with more Lactic acid then you normally would. Lactic acid leads to tying up and a lot of muscle problems down the road. How many people really cool their horse down after a run? I don’t mean finish competing and walk around the warm up pen with your friends talking about how you just did. I am talking about really taking notice of how your horse is recovering and how warm he is before you unsaddle him. You may not notice this being a problem first off but as it builds up it will get worse. Think about when you go to a 3 day show, The first day the horse works Great, second day he is ok and the 3rd day he is just plain old stiff and not working like he normally does. Could this possibly Part of the problem? Now that doesn’t mean you should be giving a horse 3 or 4 days all the time, I think a horse needs regular exercise all the time, even 15/20 minutes in better then nothing. Remember the better shape you have your horse in the more chance you have of making money and even more important the less chance of your horse getting hurt and you paying vet bills.