Troy’s Thoughts | Living a Positive Life

Cowboys sit on the fence while watching a colleague compete in the steer tie down ropping during the 94th Annual Falkland Stampede in Falkland, British ColumbiaWe have all heard,  you become like the people with whom you socialize.    If you hang with negative people or people who cut corners, you will tend to do the same.   There is a book out there that is called the “Relationship Diet”.   This book talks about cutting out all the people in your life that are not there to help you improve yourself.    Just like going on a diet to lose weight, these people are the Fat in your life.  And you need to cut down on them so that you may be able to think Healthy.

So often we travel with someone that is always worried or saying negative things about themselves, you or other people.  Instead of finding the positive things that happen at a show they will be concentrating on something that did not go the way they want.  Instead of constructive criticism they tell you how dreadful it was.   Just as bad is the person who goes to a show to socialize and doesn’t take the time to do what is  needed for the horse to be at their best. You will see that person at every show, sitting on there horse talking instead of warming up and straight after they compete they will be ride back to same spot to resume talking or worse yet just tie the horse back up to the trailer and walk away.  There is no thought for the horse.    And they are always calling you away from your duties with some excuse and leading you to believe that you can do that later.

When you hang with these people you can never get ahead because before to long you will think and act like them. They are the Fat in your life that needs cutting away. Find some one that has the same goals that you do and wants to Work as hard or harder towards them. Hang around people that will look at the Positive things you do and encourage you to work towards your dreams and have Fun doing it. It will not always be easy but if you have people around you always thinking and talking Negative you can’t live a Positive life.

I believe that cutting this fat out of your life will not just help with your riding, But your life as well.