Troy’s Thoughts on the EHV-1 Virus Upsurge

horse nose to noseThere is so much conflicting information about this Disease that its hard to know what to believe and Then compound that we the use of Social Media. People hear something and then forward those particulars. And quite honestly, that information is not always correct.  Heck even if you ask the Vets, you will have different thoughts on how to treat and what to look for.  Some say it can only be passed from horse to horse. Some say it can also be passed from horse – person –  horse. At this time, Who knows what is accurate? If the vets can’t agree then how can we.   With all the mixed advice, data and rumors, what should you do? It’s a hard decision for everyone involved. It’s not easy for producers of shows as they have invested a lot of money and if they cancel they would lose their investment. Riders & contestants are listening to their vets and if a vet Does not come out and say NO then what choice do they have but to run.

Others will stay home and do what they can to not spread the disease. But if there is a show on, there Will be people that will travel to it. Some go because they believe they have done everything necessary to properly protect their horses and feel that they are in no danger while Others go because they don’t think there is a problem. But here lies the True issue. Some people think that this is NO big deal. Yes the disease has been around a long time. But it is mutating, which means it’s changing. And Yes, something can happen any time you go somewhere . But that does not mean you have to push your chances. I know that most of us can tell just by looking at our horses if they are sick. But in this situation by the time you see that your horse is sick, its too Late. Also remember that your horse may not get sick But he could be the Carrier and making other horses sick. So I guess the bottom line is no one will win until the disease is in check. So, Lets all work together to Share accurate information and do what we need to get this under control.