Troy’s Thoughts | There are no quick fixes. You have to do the work.

Well I am finally home.   I ended up cutting the trip short because I caught the crud.   I am tired and to be honest very frustrated.  It’s been a crazy 6 weeks.   I have had many ups but I had some equally extreme downs.   I had to deal with some very radical individuals.

I had a leading saddle company owner confront me about saying his saddle was crooked.   I was told I was just saying that to get more work.   But in truth if he made better saddles I would have less work.  And the sad part is that he can make a good saddle, he is just trying to make too many saddles and in too much of a hurry; hence, sacrificing his own finished quality.

Someone approached me about the opportunity to sell patches for horses.  All they could say was how much money I could make.  Not once did they go in to what good it could do the horse.  Guess what?   Some of us do this because we care for the horse and really want to help.

There is a machine that people are claiming will do anything including exercise your horse.  You know, the new cure all.  The claims on this machine are getting crazy and when I ask for any documented proof on this Plate I was told I was hard headed and would not believe.   Quite the contrary, I am very much aware that there must be some benefit to the machine.    And I will give credit where credit is due.   But when I say that SOME horses can go backwards and that it can hurt, I am told “no absolutely not – no possible negative effects”.   I have to say, whoa!   I have seen cases that not only did it not help it actually caused further damage.  So, users need to use discretion and be careful.   There are a lot of people that have been very happy with the results from the plate but there are also cases that illustrate negative effects.    Remember a theory about how a therapy method works does not mean the machine you are using can get that desired result.  Also take note that if the person using any machine has no knowledge of what is wrong with your horse, how much can they help?

I have been called unprofessional and a lot of other names of late.  I have spent so much money testing products and buying equipment so that I have some idea what is being used for YOU and myself.   I have been very lucky to have Tiffany research any studies (documented and otherwise).   Every morning when I get out of bed, I feel the hurt in my body from trying to find equipment & practices to help YOUR horse.   Quite Recently, I was surprised by the fact that a few vets and other professionals have messaged me to say that they understand my frustration.  As one vet said “Empirical evidence is never valid to the scientific community however it is to the advertising community”.  Oh, how sad but true.

On a daily basis, I have so many people calling, texting, and chatting, all to asking what they can do to help with a issue with their horses.   I spend hours a day responding with no charge.  Why do I do this?   Two reasons… To help educate myself and also to help YOUR HORSE & YOU.

I hate to see people spending their money looking for that one thing that will make the horse run faster.  There is NO better way to help your horse then make sure you have him well SHOD, good TEETH, SADDLE that fits, good feed and proper exercise and that includes a good WARM up and COOL down.   There are just no short cuts.   If we did this, we would find that our horses would be better, healthier and quite frankly there would be less of a need for people like myself.  Think about how much money you would save.

If any one likes the info we have been putting on Facebook go to the Brandenburg Equine Therapy fan page.  I am taking a break from all the negativity that has been coming my way because I dare to ask.   I dare to question.   I dare to take the time to learn.   I dare to seek true answers and not just heresy.   I am not right with every thing I believe.  But at least I am open to that possibility that I might be wrong.   And that allows me to learn.  I am starting to think there are a lot of people that just don’t care if there is a better alternative to what they are currently doing.  Everyone just blindly believes.   Some one told them this is what you need to do, and that will do.   Really?   What happened to thinking for ourselves?   Wondering?  Questioning?   Wanting to know why?  Or worse, in desperation due to the times, they think they found a way to just make money.  Where is the integrity in that?   Is it any wonder why I am thinking – what direction should I take my life?   I am going to go to the farm and regroup.