Troy’s Thoughts | Why he loves Celliant.

To answer all the people that have been asking me why I like Celliant therapy so much.….

Celliant was first made for the human medical field for people with diabetes & circulation issues.  It was designed to help regulate blood flow and to aid in oxygenation of the muscles so you get better circulation – encouraging a healthier body.    Then Celliant infiltrated the sports arena.  Tri-athletes started wearing this in their clothes as then ran because it helped take the soreness out of the body and helped eliminate lactic acid build up.  At the last Olympic games, the guy who won the 100 meter gold medal wore Celliant. From Human to Animal – Draper Therapies started manufacturing Celliant in Equine, Canine, & Feline as well as Human products.

In comparison to other therapies, Celliant Therapy been proven to be more effective than ceramic therapy.    And everyone knows how much I love magnetic therapy.  But here is the catch with STATIC magnets. The magnet needs to be placed precisely on the acupressure point of the body to stimulate blood flow to that point.   Resulting dilemma – it’s very hard to get right on the point.  You can be a thumbnail away and still get some result but not the ideal effect. And then not all horses are the same – all are their own individual.    So you have a basic makeup but not an exact science of where each point is.   Horses tend to move a lot so the magnet will not always be in the right spot.  So this brings me back to my point – The great thing about CELLIANT is it covers the WHOLE body.  You CANNOT miss.  I am not saying other products don’t help, but I believe that this is the best product currently available.  Cellaint products work, are easy to use, simple to maintain, and best of all, are inexpensive.  For these reasons, we are happy to be working with Draper Therapies.

For more information about the Celliant Products we have available – Brandenburg Equine Therapy.