UltrOZ Elite Ultrasound System Training Video | Lower Body

UltrOZ™ Elite is a wearable ultrasonic therapy system for the treatment of common musculoskeletal conditions in horses.  Low intensity ultrasound therapy [LITUS] was originally developed as a bone fracture repair therapy for non-union fractures.   Scientists and clinicians found that longer duration, low intensity therapy helped to increase the natural healing rate of the body.   LITUS therapies later expanded into soft tissue healing applications like tendon and ligament healing.  Ultrasound therapy has been used by Veterinarians for decades to treat common soft tissue and bone fracture injuries. Issues treated using ultrasound include:

  • Tendon & Suspensory Injuries
  • Splints
  • Muscle Strain & Tears
  • Fracture and Bone Chip Repair
  • Minor strains, bumps, bruises, & inflammation

Developed by researchers at Cornell University, UltrOZ Elite makes Ultrasound, an effective and well regarded therapy, easy to use. No more active administration, no more large machines!

UltrOz Elite System $1295.00

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    • Weekly Rentals Available for $100.00
    • Monthly Rentals Available for $200.00
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