Video Manual for the SI ElectroMagnetic & Massage Blanket

Your new SI Combo ElectroMagnetic/Massage Blanket has finally arrived and you have a few questions.   How do I put the blanket on my horse?   How should I fold the blanket and remove from my horse?   How do I turn it on?   Where do these connections go?  How do I know if my Blanket is working as it should?   Understanding the Charts & Programs?  How much battery life do I still have?   Where is the fuse for the computer?   Don’t worry.   This is all very understandable.    It can seem a little overwhelming when you look at this large box sitting in your living room.   But trust me, you will feel like a pro in just a  few uses.  Or maybe you are just considering a purchase then the review of this video manual can be beneficial for you as well.


Just a couple tips for you…

1. When you are placing the blanket on your pony.   Please place the blanket in front of the withers.     Then fold the point towards the ears and then unfold towards the tail – 1 and 2.    If the blanket is a bit far forward then you can readjust the blanket by pulling it backwards with the direction of the hair verses needing to pull it a bit forward against the grain of the hair.

2. Make sure to tuck the ends of the cords in so that they are protected while you blanket is stored. Tuck the silver end of the blanket in before you fold it.  And tuck the silver ends of the computer and battery into the case for protection as well.

3. Unplug you computer and battery when you are storing the blanket.

4. Always tie your horse when you are using the blanket.  You can still do other tasks while treating  but keep a watchful ear on your horse.   It is amazing what they can do when you walk away.  LOL

4. If you are traveling via an airplane etc then just place a piece of tape on the on off button of the battery to make sure it does not accidentally turn on during the travel or while TSA is going through your equipment.

5. If you are traveling via an airplane then put the computer in your carry on.    Even if you have a fragile sticker on the case, the luggage department is not kind to the equipment as they transport your luggage and to be honest TSA is not always careful when they are searching through the equipment.  Its just best to error on the side of caution.


I am sure that as time goes on I will have a few more tips for you regarding this great piece of equipment.   If you feel that I have missed something, please don’t hesitate to comment and add to the list.

Happy Trails…