We love the SI ElectroMagnetic & Massage Boots

We are so in love with the SI ElectroMagnetic & Massage Boots.    The more we use them the happier we are with them.    We have used the PEMF hoof pads for years and when we saw these boots we knew that we had to give them a try.    And, we are far from being disappointed.     Whats not to love?   These hoof boots combine magnetic therapy with massage therapy to optimize circulation, comfort, and to treat hoof injuries.  Compared to the heavy weight system of the hoof pad, not only are these hoof boots light weight, but your horse can move & shift while getting treatment.  These boots are operated from a control box and rechargeable battery that attaches to the horse’s surcingle.   The Hoof Boots simply strap onto the horse’s Hoof.   They cover the hoof up to the fetlock joint.  Its a completely carefree system in which you can tie your horse, put the boots on, and still be able to do other tasks.   You are not locked in to babysitting your horse while treating.  And afterwards,  You can easily put these boots in their carry bag,  throw it over your shoulder, and walk in and out of the barn.     We actually have carried them as our carry-on while flying.   I promise that you will never be able to do that with the hoof pad.

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The SI Electromagnetic & Massage Hoof Boots retail for $3800, and you may try before you buy –  $250.00/Month + Equivalent Deposit – 30 day Trial.  The company offers Financing Options as well.  If we have peaked your interest then You can find out more information by visiting our website.


Sales Bulletin:  Once in a blue moon we run across a pair of second hand Hoof boots that are available for sale.  You never know, so give us a call and see what we have available.    Its the same great product at a fraction of the price.   And as of today, Feb 15, 2015 we have a second hand set of hoof boots available.   These hoof boots are available for the amazing price of $2800.00.    So, if you are thinking about it?   These might be the set of boots for you.   But you must act quickly, at this price they will not be around for long.


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