Brandenburg Equine

Percussion Equine Massage Gun

$250.00 $499.00
Ships to US & Canada
76 reviews
  • Percussion Equine Massage Gun.

Brandenburg Equine

Percussion Equine Massage Gun

$250.00 $499.00
Ships to US & Canada
76 reviews
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This is an amazing and powerful percussion equine massage gun.  The deep muscle fascia massage gun is a portable rechargeable vibration device with large torque and long adjustments. This massage gun is a quality massage gun for use on horses and humans!

percussion massage gun is a hand-held deep tissue tool that uses rapid strokes to stimulate blood flow to the muscles. the massage gun delivers strong pulses and vibrations into the muscle tissue, promoting better circulation, relaxing the muscles, and easing pain and soreness.

Our massage gun comes with 6 different attachment heads, all intended for different uses. But what do they each do? Take a look at our massage gun attachment guide to find out how to use massage gun attachments.

Relax stiff muscles with this powerful cordless percussion vibration massager. Quiet technology keeps the rotating heads moving smoothly across your skin, and the lightweight ergonomic design makes it easy to use for myofascial release. Improve your range of motion and promote good circulation with this our cordless vibration massager.


Warning: Never use the massage gun directly on the joints or bones.

Long battery Life: Approximately 5 hours per charge

*Includes: percussion massage gun, 6 attachments, charging cord, basic instruction manual and heavy-duty carrying case.


Round: Round spherical design produces a power output of propagating and diffusing type between receiving and pushing. Strength is even and soft. It is suitable for massage and relaxation of waist, abdomen, buttocks and legs. As well as muscle relaxation before and after exercise for fitness enthusiasts like running, dancing, yoga, aerobics, swimming, etc.

U-Shape: The force path between the two points is even, the stimulation is in place and powerful, which can effectively carry out a simple acupressure massage. The dual-pronged head allows you to target areas such as the spine, and could be helpful for back pain. It can also be used for other places like the calf muscles or along the achilles too.

Flat head: This particular massage gun attachment is perfect for shoulder blades and IT bands, as it is great for full body massage and relaxation. Precisely engineered for smaller surface area and it is also perfect for use on more dense muscle groups.

Bullet Head: Used for pinpoint muscle treatment and smaller muscle groups like hands and feet. It’s great for trigger point massage but shouldn’t be used for longer than 15 seconds per muscle area. 

Wedge: For use in narrow areas. This attachment works best for large muscle groups.  It is a useful tool for breaking down granulomatous (scar) tissue and relieving tight muscular pain, perfect for the hindquarters, neck, croup and thigh.

Arch Shape: Use on large muscle groups

powerful massage gun

 Brandenburg Equine - Cold laser therapy device

30 Day, 100% Satisfaction

Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be satisfied. Try out the massage gun 100% risk free for the next 30 days. It is tried and tested, but in the unlikely event that you don't like it, then we will refund you for the purchase price of the unit. (minus shipping)


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Nola R.
this is the best equine massage gun!

This has been one of the best purchases we have made! We are over the moon happy with the massage gun, attachments and customer service. We damaged our manual and Brandenburg Equine sent us a new one right away. No hassles, no headaches. We are getting ready to purchase the 3B cold laser too!

Natalie G.
United States United States
Great product!

All my horses love this. I give pre race massages and they love it.

Chris T.
durable and dependable

I travel with my horses frequently and take the massage gun with us on the road. I use the massage gun before and after races. Hard carrying case is fantastic.

Kelli A.
our horse love this massage gun

We just wanted to drop a thank you for the massage gun. Our horses enjoy their daily massages. We just do 15 min each day for each horse and have noticed a big improvement in performance and their attitude. Thanks!

Aimee S.
best equine massage gun!

So happy with this massage gun. I used to try and massage the horses by hand but this has taken equine massage to a new level. Quick shipping!

Jim H.
quiet equine massager

We are so pleased that the massage gun is so quiet. Our mare is a baby and hates noise. She LOVES when we use this on her.

Carleigh B.
United States United States

I love it, it helps keep my horses not sore or hurting

Abby R.
nice massage gun

We love this massage gun. It is quiet but powerful.

Chase T.
can't imagine life without it!

We bought the massage gun from a Facebook ad thinking we would use it on the horses. LOL� We use it on the horses but use it on ourselves more! Seriously this has been a lifesaver in the barn.

Gavin H.
best massage gun for horses

Great quality massage gun. We use it on speed 8 for the horses and it seems to be perfect. The device is durable and holds a good charge

Logan K.
durable massage gun

We are very pleased with the massage gun onverall. We use it 3x's weekly on our mare who competes. We have noticed her muscles aren't nearly as tight and she seems happier overall. Thanks!

Becca S.
Quiet and Efficient massager

Finally I found a massage gun that is quiet and works as expected. I had people tell me to buy the cheap models from Amazon that they are all the same. Actually I found out the hard way that they aren't all the same! I bought 3 "other" massage guns the past year from Amazon and 2 broke after light usage oand the other one was ****** loud. The hard carrying case the Brandenburg massage gun comes in is so much better than the soft carrying cases the others came in. Quality massage gun. Quick shipping too! Thanks.

Jon R.
Best personal massager

10/10 I would recommend this, even if you don't suffer from any regular tension or pain.I've used on my quads after working out, my muscles quite literally melt it's that soothing!

Jack M.
Buy this massage gun

Totally recommend this massage gun. I use it on myself daily just to loosen up my muscles in my shoulders and neck. I also use it on my dog and he just loves it.

Jennifer D.
Worth Every Penny

This is massage gun has helped my husband with restless leg and has helped relive years of tension in my back. Our old gelding (22 y/o) LOVES when we massage him with this. We use the arch attachment on him atleast 3 days a week :)