Soft-Ride Orthotics (1 Pair)

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Soft-Ride Orthotics (1 Pair)

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Soft-Ride's inserts are available in four specialty densities, plus a new dual-density insert. This allows you to fine-tune the boot for specific therapeutic needs. All of our insert pads are easily washable using soap and water. You can custom trim the inserts to accommodate wounds, drains, casts or other special conditions using a hoof knife or a rotary tool. You will receive 1 pair of orthotics.

Soft-Ride Orthotics

Download the Sizing Guide

Correctly measuring the hoof will ensure a comfortable fit for your horse and help prevent premature wear of the boot. Watch the video and carefully follow the steps below to ensure accurate measurements.

Important Sizing Notes

We recommend these guidelines when measuring your horse and using Soft-Ride boots:

  1. Measure your horse’s hooves shortly after they have been trimmed. This will help ensure that the boot is not too big.
  2. It’s important to keep your horses hooves trimmed. This will help ensure continued proper fitment and help prevent damage to the boot.
  3. Measure each hoof to check for discrepancies in hoof size. You may find it necessary to order a different size boot for each foot.
  4. When you receive your Soft-Ride boots, remove the Gel Orthotic and hold it up to the bottom of the hoof. The Gel Orthotic should overlap the hoof by up to a quarter inch on all sides to allow for some growth before the hoof is trimmed again. If the foot overlaps the Gel Orthotic in length or width, then the boot is too small.
Soft-Ride Boots Sizing

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