LaSAL Chelated Silver Nebulizer Solution

2 reviews
LaSAL Chelated Silver Nebulizer Solution | Brandenburg Equine.

LaSAL Chelated Silver Nebulizer Solution

2 reviews
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LaSAL Nebulize is a microbicidal solution formulated to be delivered through a nebulizer. Nebulizing produces a fine mist of the product which is inhaled through a horse’s natural breathing physiology.

The amenable penetration of this gentle, microbicidal mist can make a profound difference in how your animal breathes, feels, and performs.  LaSAL Nebulize is FAST acting - kills pathogens in 60 seconds; THOROUGH - kill rate is 99.999986% , and PERSISTENT - kills pathogens up to 3 hours or more.

Chelated silver™ is highly effective in blocking the respiration of microorganisms, killing them in the process. However, scientific tests revealed that some of the most unfriendly body bacteria do not need oxygen for their survival. They exist off the specific enzymes your body produces. It is believed that CHELATED SILVER™ acts as a additional catalyst in destroying those specific enzymes that the bacteria use for nourishment to survive.

Microscopic particles of silver are evenly dispersed throughout a healthful, skin-loving solution of deionized water, glycerine, and fruit polypectate. Chelated Silver™ is a clear liquid, that typically turns light gold in color over time as the silver reacts with the air. It is non-drying because it does not contain alcohol, chlorine or iodine-based chemicals. It may therefore be used as often as desired.

Despite being a powerful microbicide, silver is non-toxic to the human body but is lethal to over 650 disease-causing bacteria, fungi, molds, parasites, and viruses. In fact, recent laboratory tests have verified that Chelated silver has one of the highest germicidal properties of any skin care product. Clinical and laboratory testing has documented microorganisms killed including E-coli, staphylococcus (MRSA), pseudomonas, herpes simplex virus, salmonella & type A influenza. Kill percentages are typically in the range of 99.9994%.

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Chelated Silver Solution

Looking forward to amazing benefits in treating my two bleeders!

Kathy V.
United States United States

Great service and great products. Highly recommend!

Excellent! My products were delivered extremely fast! I love all of their products! Tried to blanket, too! Truly amazing!