LaSal Chelated Silver Wound and Skin Foam

LaSal Chelated Silver Wound and Skin Foam | Brandenburg Equine.

LaSal Chelated Silver Wound and Skin Foam

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LaSal Wound and Skin Foam is a versatile product delivered and applied as a gentle foam. It is highly effective on cuts, scratches, burns, abrasions, sores, birthing, (before and after lubricant and sanitizer) cracked or infected skin, rashes, anal areas, teats, and anywhere the skin is compromised.  It may be used in and around eyes, ears and mouth. Product may be used as often as desired.

LaSal Wound and Skin Foam is the ideal sanitizing solutions for horses, cattle, goats, llamas, sheep and any animal. It is a soothing germicide that effectively relieves many animal skin problems - from head to hoof.

Naturally formulated and environmentally safe, it is a powerful microbicide that contains no alcohol, iodine or chlorine. This unique and versatile product typically does not burn or sting when applied to abrasions, burns, cuts and saddle sores. Animals seem to love this mild, gentle, odorless, non-stinging, quiet product.

The active ingredient in is Chelated Silver.™ Molecules of silver are chemically bonded to nonmetallic molecules in solution. When used as either an antisepsis or as a cleanser, this patented formulation provides unsurpassed anti-microbial action and persistence (killing power over time).

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