Equine Science.

Equine Science

8 products
    8 products
    Mo Lung | Brandenburg Equine.
    Mo Lung
    4 reviews
    from $67.00
    Allergy Herbal Blend | Brandenburg Equine.
    Allergy Herbal Blend
    3 reviews
    from $52.50
    Herbal Bute | Brandenburg Equine.
    Herbal Bute
    4 reviews
    from $64.00
    SRS (Strong Respiratory Support) | Brandenburg Equine.
    SRS (Strong Respiratory Support)
    from $60.00
    PMS (Painful Mare Soother) | Brandenburg Equine.
    PMS (Painful Mare Soother)
    from $67.00
    Kidney Flush Herbal | Brandenburg Equine.
    Kidney Flush Herbal
    from $59.25
    Cipex  (Circulatory Performance Enhancer) | Brandenburg Equine.
    Cipex (Circulatory Performance Enhancer)
    1 review
    from $50.50
    UC Herbal Blend (Ulcer Blend) | Brandenburg Equine.
    UC Herbal Blend (Ulcer Blend)
    2 reviews
    from $67.00

    Equine Science, Inc offers a wide variety of herbal remedies for horses as well as pets.  Proud to provide an alternative way for improvement of the health and performance of your horse and companion animals. All of our blends are blended fresh to order.