Equilume Pro Light Mask

Equilume Pro Light Mask
Equilume Pro Light Mask
Equilume Pro Light Mask
Equilume Pro Light Mask

Equilume Pro Light Mask

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Equilume Pro Light Mask

The Equilume Pro Light Mask is the perfect solution for ensuring that your horse stays in the best health and condition possible whether stabled, on the road or at pasture.

This 12-month rechargeable Light Mask delivers 15 hours of blue light daily (8am – 11pm) ensuring your horse benefits from consistent light exposure when they need it most.

The Pro Light Mask features a fleece-lined headpiece, padded lining around the cup and long adjustable Velcro straps to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for your horse.

Pro Pack Includes: Light Mask, Smart Key, Wireless Charger, USB Cable

Product details:

Colour: Black

Size: Full

RRP: $600


Pro Light Mask


Battery Type: Lithium

Fully-Adjustable Light Mask

Rechargeable cup (cup is not replaceable)


Program: 8am – 11pm

Durable fabric with double-stitched binding

Active Hours Per Day: 15

Extended Velcro Closures

Charging Interval: 7 days

Fleece-Lined Headpiece

Lifespan: 12 months

Padded Cup

Weatherproof Cup

Generous openings around the eyes

High-efficiency precision blue LED array with light diffuser

Bolt-free cup design




Coat Condition

Muscle Development

Improves coat condition

Improves appetite

Maintains show coat shine

Increases muscle mass

Accelerates winter shedding

Improves topline

Extends ‘summer vigour’

Utilises stored fat

Alternative to clipping

Extends peak performance

Advances breeding season

Increases stallion fertility & libido



Well-Being & Health

Care & Flexibility

Regulates body clock

Permits outdoor living

Positively influences mood & behaviour

Ideal for horses with limited turnout opportunities

Enhances alertness

Reduces costs associated with bedding & labour

Improves respiratory health

Ideal for horses in poorly lit stables

Stimulates immunity & healing

Keeps condition on horses on box rest

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