An Interview with Troy Brandenburg

Troy Brandenburg talks with @get2mitu about equine therapy. The equipment he sells and uses in his equine therapy business. He discusses his experience treating, Thumbelina the world's smallest horse. He also talks about being equine therapist and his mantra for life of being grateful to life.


A message from Troy Brandenburg: After years of reading, studying, observing and living within the equestrian arena, I came to the conclusion that most people make the diagnosis of horses too complicated. In return, they treat the problem instead of treating the cause of the problem. Most chronic problems and issues with horses are simply due to compromised blood flow.

Consequently, I've become driven to learn how to increase blood flow to the whole horse. When I work on a horse increasing blood flow and releasing muscles, you see an over all calming affect upon the horse. My work has a lasting affect upon the whole being. It helps with digestion issues, boost immune response, increases flexibility & elasticity,and softens muscles. Over all the horse is just healthier. Because the horse is feeling better, he is more responsive to the rider and generally just happier with thyself - The End Result, better performance for you.

My passion to help the horse has me traveling the entire United States working on one horse to another. I've become known from nothing more than one satisfied customer talking to another inquiring customer. In my eyes, no problem is too small and no distance is too far.