Why use an Equine Massage Gun on a horse?


An equine massage gun can be used to treat many different aliments in horses. Massage gun therapy can also be part of a routine maintenance plan for your equine.  One of the most essential therapies is equine massage therapy, another good recommendation is doing Troy Brandenburg’s Common Sense Stretches before and after activity.

Why use an Equine Massage Gun?

The equine massage gun is a powerful tool for building trust and relieving the anxiety that a lot of horses may experience. From the pleasure horse to the competition horse, they can all benefit from an equine therapeutic massage. The massaging can calm the horse's nerves and help them adjust quickly to a new environment, especially if they are always involved in high-stress situations. The massage gun is not just for horses but can be used on horse riders who are seeking physiotherapy to improve their flexibility, pain relief, or to generally enhance their riding skills

Possible signs if a horse needs a therapeutic massage:

  • Your horse may benefit from equine massage therapy if the equine refuses a lead, or is tender anywhere on the body (back, neck, hocks, legs, etc).
  • If the horse has more flexibility on one side versus the other.
  • If the horse has any muscle spasms. The muscle spasms are knotted fibers within the muscle which should be treated to avoid the danger that more fibers will be added causing a larger knot. This may increase the horse’s pain and decrease his motion range. Massaging can solve this issue and relieve horses from muscle spasms before it gets more complicated.

When an equine has arthritis pain; while the massage treatment is done to the muscles throughout the horse’s body, different techniques are performed to create more production of the synovial fluids, which can lubricate the joints and relieve the arthritis pain.

Benefits of using a massage gun on a horse:

Equine massage therapy can affect several physiologic systems, in addition to cellular and fascial components of the muscular system to enhance the muscle tone. Equine massage therapy plays a valuable role in the process of caring and training of many horses, as regular maintenance, massage can benefit the horses in many ways such as:

  • Equine massage therapy is used as a preventative therapy for future injuries.
  • Massage therapy can increase the equine motion range, the stride length, and the locomotor function in general.
  • Massage has a psychological effect as it can relieve the stress and tension, and increase the mental clarity required to focus on training.
  • Massage can improve the circulation of the equine which is helping in the rapid healing of injuries.
  • Equine massage can increase the joint flexibility and mobility as during massage is performed, it creates more production of synovial fluids which in turn increases the flexibility and mobility of the joint.
  • Massage therapy promotes circulation which in turn increases the blood flow resulting in keeping the inflammation and swelling reduced.

Are you interested in giving your horse the care and comfort that he/she deserves? If the answer is yes, we will tell you in detail about the percussion massage gun which can meet your goals.

How does our Percussion Equine Massage Gun offer the solution?

Using the Brandenburg Equine Percussion Massage Gun, you can treat your horse with the unrivaled luxury of a full body massage without the cost of a professional therapist!

After trying Brandenburg Equine's Percussion Equine Massage Gun, you will wonder how you and your horse managed so long without having our percussion device.

Premium Features of our Equine Massage Gun:

  • It is portable and can be managed single-handedly.
  • Customized pressure regulators up to 20 levels of pressure settings will allow you to customize, and it also helps give equal amounts of pressure that is best for your horse.
  • It is rechargeable, so you can easily use it in remote locations for up to 5 hours of working time.

Interchangeable, multifunction attachments provide you with a wide variety as you have with your own hands.

  • Round: It is a spherical shape massage gun head with push and pulls diffusion power output that helps relax the waist, abdomen, buttocks, and legs muscles. The athletes can also use it before and after physical activity.
  • U-Shape: is made to target Back pain, calf muscles, and even Achilles too.
  • Flat: is engineered for all over the body muscle for relaxation and targets IT bands and shoulder blades.
  • Bullet: It is used for sure and short massage areas like hands and feet.
  • Wedge: is for tight muscular pain, perfect for the hindquarters, neck, croup, and thigh.
  • Arch: It is used on large muscle groups.
equine percussion massage gun

Additional Benefits of an Equine Massage Gun

  • Massage gun is a time-saving product that allows you to spend quality time with your most loved pets.
  • Massage gun is energy saving, too, as it will enable you to treat more than one massage recipient in a short span of time.
  • It is equally useful for pet animals other than horses.
  • It is also helpful for human pain management, and massage techniques allow you to make customized pressure settings.

If you are looking for an excellent powerful percussion equine massage gun, it is available online in our store.

A Percussion massage gun is an effective way of treating your horse the way it deserves to be treated. It is a perfect combination of power and delicacy that will serve the primary purpose of relaxation, health care, and showing respect & affection to your horse.

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