Equine Massage Gun – Best Way To Release Muscular Pain

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An equine massage gun is one of the best ways to release muscular pain in a horse.  One of the essential therapies is equine massage therapy, another is doing Common Sense Stretches before and after activity. Horses are incredible animals with many extraordinary abilities that require more physical activity than most animals; therefore, they need more health care and pain management techniques to keep moving.

Horses benefit from massage because their physical activity makes their muscles strain and often over worked and sometimes injured. To relax the muscle tension and quicker supply of blood oxygen to the injured or stiff muscle, horses need massage regularly. 

Equine massage, especially percussion massage techniques, has been used for relaxation, advanced joint movements, pulled muscle, and severe pain management. 

Benefits of Equine Massage Therapy

  • Equine massage therapy is used to relax the motor nerves that help in keeping calm the nervous horse.
  • It is also helpful for good sleeping patterns and reduces restlessness and stress.
  • Improved Proprioception
  • More Efficient Movement
  • Improved Posture, Circulation, Hair Coat, Muscle Tone
  • Increased Flexibility and Range Of Motion
  • Immune System Support
  • Injury Prevention
  • Increased Benefits When Used In Conjunction With Chiropractic and/or Acupuncture.

Equine massage can have a profound effect on the nervous system of the horse. Some of the benefits of equine massage therapy, to name just a few, are pain relief, stimulation of the motor nerves, relief from restlessness and sleep disturbance, and improved proprioception. Equine massage is also thought to help calm nervous horses or horses in unfamiliar surroundings and/or stressful conditions. 

Troy Brandenburg states, “Equine massage can make your horse more comfortable; it can make your horse live longer and get that winning edge too!”

According to Troy, "Massage is a mind game you need to connect your mind to your horse". 10 to 15 minutes of good common sense stretches are more than enough daily. 

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Benefits of Percussion Massage Therapy on Horses

Percussion massage has been used for humans and other animals for ages. It is equally beneficial as it reduces sore muscle pain, improves flexibility and elasticity of muscles, and releases trigger points of joints.

One cannot ignore the importance of traditional and ancient ways of Equine massage and Percussion massage. Still, as the world becomes a global village, each and everything is converting itself into gadgets. 

Once we fully understand the importance of equine massage, we need to focus on different ways, time intervals, and the quality of Equine and Percussion massage to get maximum results in a minimum time frame without even being exhausted. No matter if you have one domestic horse or you have several competition horses, equine massage therapy can be an essential part of your horses health.

The percussion massage gun technology works hand in hand with traditional ways of treating horses better than ever. The Brandenburg Equine percussion equine massage gun  is a powerful, portable, rechargeable, vibration device with large torque and long adjustments. It is available with 6 different heads to target different muscles and parts of the body. It is environment friendly as it does not cause noise pollution while using because of its quiet technology. The lightweight, ergonomic design makes it easy to use for myofascial release.

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Benefits of an Equine Massage Gun

  • It is portable and can be managed single-handedly.
  • Customized pressure regulators up to 20 levels of pressure settings will allow you to customize, and it also helps give equal amounts of pressure that is best for your horse.
  • It is rechargeable, so you can easily use it in remote locations for up to 5 hours of working time.

Interchangeable, multifunction attachments provide you with a wide variety as you have with your own hands.

  • Round: It is a spherical shape massage gun head with push and pulls diffusion power output that helps relax the waist, abdomen, buttocks, and legs muscles. The athletes can also use it before and after physical activity.
  • U-Shape: is made to target Back pain, calf muscles, and even Achilles too.
  • Flat: is engineered for all over the body muscle for relaxation and targets IT bands and shoulder blades.
  • Bullet: It is used for sure and short massage areas like hands and feet.
  • Wedge: is for tight muscular pain, perfect for the hindquarters, neck, croup, and thigh.
  • Arch: It is used on large muscle groups.
equine percussion massage gun

Additional Benefits of an Equine Massage Gun

  • Massage gun is a time-saving product that allows you to spend quality time with your most loved pets.
  • Massage gun is energy saving, too, as it will enable you to treat more than one massage recipient in a short span of time.
  • It is equally useful for pet animals other than horses.
  • It is also helpful for human pain management, and massage techniques allow you to make customized pressure settings.

Brandenburg states his love for his work: "Most chronic problems and issues with horses are simply due to compromised blood flow. Consequently, I've become driven to learn how to increase blood flow to the whole horse. When I work on a horse, increasing blood flow and releasing muscles, you see an overall calming effect upon the horse".

He further sums up: "I love what I do - Helping the Horse is helping you is their Trademark".

If you are looking for an excellent powerful percussion equine massage gun, it is available online in our store.

A Percussion massage gun is an effective way of treating your horse the way it deserves to be treated. It is a perfect combination of power and delicacy that will serve the primary purpose of relaxation, health care, and showing respect & affection to your horse.

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From the moment the equine massage practitioner initiates touch, he/she is sending messages to the horses' nervous system through the skin. The nervous system communicates using electrical signals, which travel throughout the body. The Golgi tendon apparatus can be used to chemically initiate an electrical message in order to address a muscle spasm. As well, this electrical communication system can be used to re-educate the muscles inefficient movement and the nerves to recognize correct posture.