Official User's Manual Video - 3B Cold Laser

Our instructional video demonstrates how to use the Brandenburg Equine 3B Cold Laser (LLLT) and covers the following subjects:

  • Care and protection of the 3B cold laser
  • Cold laser do's and don't
  • Basic usage instructions

Low-energy lasers (cold lasers) LLLT, are used in physical therapy and/or acupuncture.

The results of cold laser therapy are reported in healing muscles and tendons. Laser beams have also been proven effective by reducing inflammation, pain, scar tissue formation, and increasing the recovery rate of many injuries. Studies showed that laser beams interact with the body's inflammatory system to produce neurotransmitters which reduce the inflammation consistently.

A study was conducted to determine the influence of low-level laser therapy on wound healing in horses. A cold laser of 635 nm was used on the wounds. Biopsies of the wounds were examined histologically 80 days post-operative. The results revealed that wounds treated with LLLT healed faster than the control group.