Equine Percussion Massage Gun - The Benefits of using Massage on a Horse


Equine massage gun therapy is an effective treatment for your horses muscles. Something magical happens as your horse relaxes, trusts, and releases tension, the equine massage is a powerful tool for building trust and relieving the anxiety that a lot of horses may experience. From the pleasure horses to the high powered competition horses they can all benefit from an equine therapeutic massage. As it can calm your horse's nerves and help in adjusting quicker to a new environment if your horse is always involved in high-stress situations.

In modern horsemanship, equine massage therapy has proven its effectiveness on horse performance. From physical strains to mental health problems, equine massage therapy with our Percussion Equine Massage Gun provides high benefits to the well-being of your horse.

What is the concept of percussion massage therapy?

Equine massage therapy helps to eliminate muscle soreness by increasing blood flow to the significant muscle tissues. This effect reduces inflammation and decreases muscle tension. You can also use percussion therapy to warm up your horse ahead of a run or even normal activity to enhance its performance, endurance, and flexibility. Studies show that massage guns are an effective method to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness. That means the horse is less likely to feel muscle pain after intense activity, which increases the endurance and the ability to perform in well condition consecutive days.

Why use an equine percussion massage gun?

For muscle spasms

When your horse has muscle spasms that can cause signs of pain and discomfort, you must pay close attention. The muscle spasms are knotted fibers within the muscle, it should be treated as early as possible to avoid the risk of developing more knotted fibers. This may increase your horse's pain and decrease its motion range. This problem could be solved by using the therapeutic Percussion Massage Gun role that can wonderfully solve and relieve horses from muscle spasms before it gets more complicated.

For arthritis

If your horse has been diagnosed with arthritis, it can be under nagging pain making it more reluctant to lead. Our Equine Massage Gun is for the muscles throughout your horse's body. However, different techniques are performed to create more production of the synovial fluids, which can lubricate the joints and relieve the arthritis pain. As a common issue, poll's pressure is an irritating concern to horse' owners as the tension it creates, manifests violent behavior in your horse as well. The vibrant Massage Gun releases this poll pressure and brings down the timidity aggressive beast with just one relieving session.

To maintain equine performance and condition

With the equine percussion massage gun, you can also set a maintenance massaging plan for an optimal caring process. No need to wait for a current injury to pamper your pony. With the massage gun, you can give your horse active benefits or a boosted performance. Improved suppleness, increased flexibility, and enhanced circulation are guaranteed with our equine massage gun.

How does the Equine Percussion Massage Gun work?

This deep fascia massage gun is a hand-held deep tissue vibration device that is designed to be easily portable and rechargeable, and have a large torque and long adjustments. It has been proven that it can improve the blood flow of the targeted areas by rapid strokes, leading to better over-all welfare and performance. The massage gun can affect several physiologic systems, in addition to cellular and fascial components of the muscular system to enhance the muscle tone.

In addition to this effect, it can ease the pain by delivering strong pulses and vibrations deep into the muscle tissue. This can promote better circulation, relax the muscles, and relieve pain and soreness. It helps in releasing Endorphins responsible for pain relief and euphoria sensation.

Safety of using Percussion Equine Massage Gun

The safety of the percussion massage device depends on the using technique. It is generally safe when you use it correctly. You shouldn't apply strenuous pressure on the horse muscles and keep the device's head on a convenient pressure to avoid causing pain or injury to the muscles.

Our high-end technology percussion equine massage gun gives you a highly functional solution to keep your horse in the best condition. The massaging could be applied for therapy or maintaining performance.

Percussion massage gun therapy is effective in various conditions that could affect your horse including muscle spasms, arthritis, and it helps in recovery after muscle injuries. The technology is also useful in conditioning your horse before competitions and days of strenuous activity as it enhances blood circulation and nourishes the muscle tissues to be ready for high-intensity activities.



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